Here is Some Research done by VISHNU KANTH who is currently adding more of his own research in animation section forum thread Animation Research Search
Free books to Read
-A list of books available to read over Scribd's. If you like a certain book why not buy it.
Also having sales once in a while including used books if you don't want to pay full price.
Articles and magazines
Story-boarding & thought processes
Mixed Topics
My animation books
-some books worth checking out in the above links as well as good books to buy if your into animation.
Storyboard Design Course Principles Techniques by: Giuseppe Cristiano
-This book focuses mainly on creating proper storyboards and talks a bit about drawing and other useful things.
- this book can help you for planning out:
media productions
computer games
movies/tv shows
plan out and pitch an idea to clients
-overall the book is really good at explaining different camera shot and how to portray your idea's and thoughts effectively.
The Animators Survival Kit by: Richard Williams(available to read above)
-nice informative animation book put together by Richard Williams the animation director of the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabit. Its pretty funny to read but allot of the content is technical so if you wanted step by step info its lacking but its useful to those who want to animate both 2D and 3D.
Cartoon Animation by: Preston Blair(available to read above)
-this one was very good at instructing you how to properly frame by frame a cartoon. Allot of examples given from the ground up but lacks the technical instructions that the Animator's Survival kit provides.
About Techniques Drawing Animation Production
-this book was very good when it came to learning about animation. Talks about what kind of materials they use,drawing characters and backgrounds,story boarding and giving overall tips and talks about different themes.
Other Links
Here are various links that have caught my eye that seem useful.
Structure of Man (Beginning to Advanced drawing of the human body from your mind) found by:Senor_Sausage
-very good tutorial for learning how to draw from your mind and goes over lots of steps in order to complete a whole person. It does cost money to get the rest of the DVD's its good to have especially when your the type of person who learns by being shown rather than reading through books and online tutorials.
BiteyCastle Academy: Learn animation here first couple of video's are free but you have to pay to see the other video's
Art101 looking through the various news pages on this individuals ng page provides allot of information on animation and art in general.
*If you would like to animate but don't have the software follow the link here to choose from the list*
"The Art of Storyboard" by Don Bluth
There is a complete Walt Stanchfield Animation Course on the Net . Its a course he designed for the Walt Disney Animation Studio.